"We Will kill you, we mean it"- People of 'Asabaham' threaten drivers

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People of Asabaham, a town in the Ga south District expressed their grievances about things happening in their constituency.

News reaching us this afternoon from Adom mid-day news is a sad one. Where the people of "Asabaham" are complaining bitterly about road accidents happening in their community. According them, 3 young men in between the ages of 21 to 25 lost their lives because of some drivers over speeding on their roads.

They said, "we will take the laws in our own hands if a driver kill a native of this town again". According the reporter for Adom Mid-day news, the people were very angry and eager to take the laws into their hands when a driver whose name is not known yet hit three young men who are trying to cross the road to the other side to buy some food.

The people are pleading with the government to come to their aid in constructing of speed ramps and also help them with street lights, so that rate at which accidents are happening on the road might minimize.

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