‘This man is said to be the strongest military soldier in Africa (See Photos)

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Meet the Ghanaian authority who should be the most grounded fighter in the whole of West Africa, in his clear yet excited moves as he was spotted wearing his uniform.

One will move back in the wake of watching the video of this Ghanaian most grounded fighter who is all over worked in muscles holding weapon and walking around the brier, like he was attacking his adversaries in a contention.

This is a viral video continuing on 'Celebritiesbuzz' and online media, the inside and out developed contender was spotted with gun walking around the thorn and a piece of his planning minutes are also in the video. No huge astonishment he has been named West Africa's most grounded contender.

His name was given as Raymond Kwaku. Without a doubt, Ghanaians are happy to have him seen in our country.

In the wake of watching the video, you would wish that, you were an Army Officer to have him for a sidekick who will be nearby come what may.

Aside Raymond's huge strong body, he is in like manner very appealing and dazzling. His appearance is exceptional, showing the veritable structure of an authentic African.

Assuming no one really cares either way, watch the video here:


Interruption briefly and glance through relatively few of his photos that were gotten from electronic media.

Ghanaians are really satisfied to have Raymond as a Ghanaian who is similarly in the Armed Forces of Ghana.

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