Monkey passes out after having a glass of alcohol


A young Nigerian lady has taken to her Facebook page to share hilarious photos of a monkey who passed out after having a glass of alcohol.

In the said photo, the monkey was seen to be fed with a glass of wine suspected to be alcoholic.

Although the said lady who goes by the name Uzoramaka Nyenke used the picture to pass a message against alcoholism, it was funny to see the monkey in a state of intoxication after drinking alcohol. Her post came with the hashtag #SayNoToAlcohol.

Monkeys are mammals who are omnivorous in nature and this explains why they eat virtually everything humans eat. They can also be kept as pets in some families.

So, away from the hilarious nature of the post, there is need to know that alcohol has it's own disadvantages, whether it is consumed by animals or humans.

The central message however, remains the same. If you must drink, drink responsibly!