Beautiful Zulu Girls Dressed In Traditional Clothes Makes Us Want To Relocate To KZN

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Wearing traditional clothing expresses a sense of belonging to a country and a desire to preserve it. Many people dressed in the same traditional attire create a sense of patriotism as well as cultural and interpersonal connectivity, as well as a sense of belonging to the country.

Women in Zulu culture also dress differently at different periods of their life. Women used to cover their bosoms with a handkerchief, but now they wear cotton vests or beaded bras with beaded necklaces. The most recognizable accessory is the izicolo, a circular-shaped cap worn by married ladies.

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Check out the below post of beautiful girls wearing Zulu traditional clothing. Which is captioned "Uslu oluhle )

Let's take a look at the comments section to how twitter users reacted .

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So far on the comments section we came across tweets who admire the beauty of these two ladies and the devotion they exhibit for their culture.

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