"We Will have to Mix the vaccines", says cs Mutahi Kagwe


 Early this month Kenyans started receiving their first dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine. The vaccine was to be taken by the health officers teachers and the elderly that is people over 58 years. The second dose was to follow around may where the Chinese bunned the exportation of the drug due to an increase of the coronavirus in their country. 

Since March covid 19 infection has gone up and the curve is worrying. Most of the Kenyans have received the vaccine. On the other hand, the second dose of the vaccine will not be received and therefore the ministry is in a dilemma on what to do. The cabinet secretary Mutahi Kagwe said" experts say it is a risk mixing the vaccines but since other countries are doing it, Kenya will do it also", This has stirred up the social media platform and most Kenyans have reacted to it. Some say that Mutahi Kagwe does not fit in line with anything to do with health because he is a holder of a degree in commerce and a master's degree in business administration

Kenya bunned the Sputnik V vaccine which Germany is planning to buy 30 million doses of it for June July and August. This has raised eyebrows if it was true that the drug is dangerous. When a different vaccine is taken for the second dose will it affect the people?  

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