I want to date a man who is rich and good in bed, lady explains after being divorced for 8years now

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A high number of women have a strong feeling that a man must have. While on the other hand the person people speaking such words are nobody with no careers. Lady named Twendi Twendi crossed the line on social media as she exposed that she is only aiming to date a man who is rich.

Lady stated on an interview that dating was not her first priority. Until she realizes that she needs to watch out for her health, brand and becoming more richer. Lady explained that the only way to making it to riches is to date a rich man, and that is what she is currently working on.Twendi Twendi added that she has been divorced for 8 years, and right now she is not ready to settle for anything less than rich man.

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Dreams women go for even though on their side they don't have nothing to show. Would you date her if you were a rich dude looking for a girlfriend. Leave your comments below and please don't forget to like and share for more content.

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