25k job offer for lawyers? A Nigerian lawyer expresses disappointment over such job offer(See tweet)

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This is really not funny but it's really pathetic. How can someone who spent 5 good years in school to study law and another six months or one year in law school be offered a 25k job in this time and period in Nigeria.

So on that effect a Nigerian lawyer has expressed disappointment with a N25k job offer for lawyers with 1-3 years experience. 

He expresses his disappointment based on a job offer that was public by "Almond Solicitors" as they said that they were looking to recruit a lawyer with 1-3 years experience, as they promised to pay the person 25k for a start. See tweet below.


The lawyer, @chidi_esq pointed out that lawyers spend 6 years in the University and Nigerian Law School, appealed to his colleagues to make the right decision during the next Nigerian Bar Association election. 

But for me, this is a national issue not just for lawyers alone. It cuts across every sector. Because Nigerian graduates are going through a lot and not just lawyers alone.


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