Heartbreak As Bride Runs Out Of Wedding Reception And Claims She’s No Longer Interested (Photos)


It goes without saying that having your heart broken on your wedding day is not something any man wishes for. After months, if not years, of being boyfriend and girlfriend, eventually proposing and getting engaged, weeks of preparing for a worthy wedding ceremony, and then suddenly it's over? These kinds of things not only break your heart, but they also mess with your mental health, leaving you doubting “Love” for the rest of your life. Have you ever met someone who decided to call it quits on the day of their wedding? Here's a real-life scenario for you to look at and hopefully learn from.

A woman who reportedly ran out of her wedding reception and said she was no longer involved in the marriage is one of the stories circulating on social media. As people have reacted, this has been the topic of heated debate on the internet.

See pictures below:

Check out screenshots of some comments below:

So, what are your thoughts on the subject?

• Do you think this is a red flag when it comes to choosing who to marry?

• How would you respond if you were in the shoes of the man?

• Are you able to comprehend what the woman is doing

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