Whether Hearts Of Oak Supporters Like it Or Not, Great Olympics Will Win On Sunday- Kevin Taylor.


Kevin Taylor is a controversial American-based journalist. On his previous show, he made a shocking revelation. He shared a post made by Joshua Alabi on Facebook. The post announced the match between Hearts of Oak and Accra Great Olympics.

He announced that Ghanaians or Hearts of Oak fans will come and confirm his prediction after Great Olympics win. He added that he loves all teams however his soul and full support belongs to Manchester United, Ashanti Dwarf, Greek Olympics and Ashanti Gold.

Kevin Taylor made a shocking revelation. He stated emphatically that Don Bortey is his favourite preference over Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi. On the contrary, Don Bortey didn't land in the right team.

According to Kevin Taylor, the goal Great Olympics will score Hearts of Oak would shock their fans. A- Plus shared the video and promised Kevin Taylor that Hearts of Oak would win.

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