Why cases of senior Lawyers should be called first- a former Attorney General gives his stand

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TV3's Roland Walker on his news presentation, called Former Attorney General Ayikoi Otoo to seek his opinion on a trending circular pertaining to calling cases of senior lawyers first . The Former Attorney General said that the convention has been in place for a long time and it rather serves its purpose . He further explained that , it was only helpful that junior lawyers will learn from senior lawyers and the practice of calling the cases of the senior lawyers first would provide the necessary experience to the junior lawyers . He asked if the junior lawyers would not become seniors one day and encouraged them to accept such helpful conventions .

In fact , the fact that the cases of senior lawyers are called is a good convention and does not mean the rulings will be favorable to senior lawyers . The former Attorney General cited an example of having a senior person like Lawyer Peter Alan Adjetey to wait for a junior like him to have his cases called first . He said it would not be 'proper' since seniors should be accorded what is due them and however, he supports the convention where the cases of seniors are called first .

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