4 Arrested By The Police, This Is What They Found On A Nigerian Suspect

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TMPD region 4 members arrested one Nigerian male and a South African female for drug dealing and possession of suspected stolen cell phones in Olievenhoubosh, the suspects have clearly been operating in the area because they simply were in possession of stolen goods and clearly dealing narcotics in the vicinity.

They were found with drugs known as cat and 68 suspected stolen cell phones, at the moment while investigations are being confused the police are going to see if the cellphones were stolen by these individuals or they simply buy them from criminals.

Law enforcement are encouraging anyone who might have information that can lead to the arrest of suspects, who are involved in crime to come forward and give up that information so that the suspects can be brought to justice.

If the suspects were caught like this it means that they have been operating in the area for a very long time, the community members were simply quiet about it.

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