APC Will Be On Extinction, If it lose 2023 Presidential election.


If APC eventually lose 2023 presidential election, the party will not exist in Nigeria again, in fact it will become as if it has never being in existence before. Read this article carefully and patiently to the end to see some of my fact check reasons, why APC will fall apart, if it lose presidential election in 2023.

What even make APC to exist today in Nigeria is because of president Buhari reelection, otherwise the party could have crumble since 2019. The current crisis could have even fast forward the end of its existence.

APC will not exist again, cause it has fail Nigerians more than the way PDP had thought to be. They made thousands of promises, which is yet to be fulfil. Thereby, Nigerians have lost their confidence in the party. Instead of working hard to restore the confidence in people, they are rather worsening the situation. Since APC as a party came into power, people have being complaining of suffering, especially the less privilege Nigerians. No one seems to talk good about the party, maybe except those in power. Life have become more harder to the poor masses, inflation of commodities, everything is so costly now, unlike before, the economic is diminishing instead of growing. Therefore every Nigerians is discouraging with the continuing of the party.

Another reason is the security, one of the biggest factor that made Nigerians to voted president Buhari in 2015 massively is because of security reasons. But today everything seemed the same, lot of killing and kidnapping every where have increase vehemently. People are afraid cause their life and properties is not longer safe. Therefore since the main purpose why the party came into the power have not be take care of, I doubt the existence of the party in Nigeria again, if APC eventually lose the presidential election in 2023.

Another reason is, most of the party members are selfish and greedy, that's why there's lot of crisis here and there in the party. They don't have genuine love for their party's members as their rival, PDP. Most of them that are godfather, overrule the weaker members, everybody want to be in charge. Even if it is not in his jurisdiction. Two people can't work together, if there's no agreement, most of the crisis of APC is likely, lack of agreement, and thus this deficiency will cause the party to fall apart quickly even though they are in power now.

Another reason is, they don't learn from their critics, that is why they are not making any positive change. If you really want to grow in life learn from people that are criticizing your work, or what you are doing, you will only generate pride and self esteem (egoism) from the people that are praising you. Which means you will no go far in the journey of success. Cause those that are criticizing you are pointing out your errors and mistakes, they are like a Watchdog to you, all you have to do is to checkmail the critics and make amendment. But APC as whole took this as a personal issue to fight against those that are telling them the truth.

Another reason is, Buhari, is the main reason why the party came into existence and into the power, he has lot of supporters, especially in the northern party of Nigeria, he is now in his second tenure, so if he leave, the office as the president. Definitely the party will become more weaker. Except they bring a person that have a lot of supporters like Buhari, otherwise the party will be on extinction, if it lose 2023 presidential election.

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