5 Instant things you should do when bitten or stung by a scorpion

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Scorpion stings can be very painful and poisonous to the human body. However, studies show that different scorpion species have a degree of toxicity attached to their venom. However, the sting is known to be painful and harmful to the body if not treated in time. Studies show symptoms and consequences associated with their attacks that can be harmful to a person's health - these include; Swelling of the affected area, difficulty breathing, blurred vision, drooling, and in young children, unconsciousness or even death.

As the above symptoms show in this animal, you will completely agree with me that the sting is unquestionably terrible; it should be avoided at all costs, but in a situation where a person is bitten some immediate remedial action should be taken which is necessary to save the situation.

In conjunction with this article, we'll look at 5 lifesaving tips that can be implemented immediately in the event of a Scorpio attack - see below.

1. Keep calm and serene

However, this does not promise anything easy; Rest is all you need right now. If you get stung by a scorpion, maybe in your limbs, you need to stay calm, not run and spread all over the place and risk being stung a second time. If you can stay in a calm mood despite your illness, focus on the next step to prevent the toxins from taking over your body completely.

2. Wash the affected area with soap and water

The idea behind this is to remove toxic residue from the skin and partially neutralize its effects.

3. Press the cold pack on the affected area to relieve pain or swelling

Using a cold material such as ice or something that has an element of cold can be very helpful in drastically reducing pain and swelling. However, in an emergency, when there is no ice, you can tie a rope to another rope just above the affected area to prevent the toxin from spreading through the lymphatic system.

4. Apply calamine lotion or paste made of soda and water

This is another immediate action that can be taken to reduce the effects of the poison before proper treatment is instituted. Calamine lotion is a type of antihistamine cream that helps significantly reduce pain and swelling of the skin, especially those caused by insects or arachnids.

5. Visit the doctor

Proper treatment for this type of case will not be fully completed unless the services of a health professional are involved. A visit to the right hospital or health center is definitely the right step in the right direction to facilitate the elimination of toxins from the body.

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