"I Demand Ksh. 5 Million and An Apology From Sautisol" Jalang'os Employee Says

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Jalang'os employee Moris Litiema has called out Sautisol to apologise to him after using his photo without his consent. Biensoul recently used Morris Litiema's photo to mock people who were unsubscribing from their youtube channel, and he said that people who are unsubscribing from Sautisol live in bed sitters and are struggling with life, hence using Litiema's photo as a symbol.

Litiema who is very angry with Biensoul's actions has said that he is demanding for an apology from the band because the photo has emotionally affected him and it reminds him to the place where he never wishes to get back.

Apart from that people have been trolling him, and he isn't at peace. Speaking in an interview with Jalang'o Litiema said that he wants to be compensated ksh. 5 Million and also a public apology from the band.

Here is the link to the full video on YouTube.


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