Finally fines on breaking expressways rules revealed

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Three days ago a fatal road accident occurred on the Nairobi expressway which lead to death of one person and one injured.The fatal road accident has lead to discussion about the penalty to imposed to the law breakers in the expressway to curb more fatal accidents occuring .

The launch and use of the expensive Nairobi expressway has got motorist so excited due to short time usage in travelling because of ease traffic jam control.

According to the news by standard digital The Nairobi expressway operator and China Road and Bridge corporation motorist have decided to impose significant penalties to the motorist when got ignoring simple missteps.

The following are charges .1.9million for a motorist damaging ticket issuing machine, maximum parking fee of 800 to cars with accident,8million for damaging road signage,2.4m for damaging vehicle type recognizer,1.32milion damaging toll booths,143,890 shillings for damaging street lights,2,362 shillings for damaging pavement and scratching,4,542-81,120 for damaging sing boards ,4000 shillings for causing traffic jam and other prices named ,this is to ensure the motorist are keen while driving on the expressway .

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