Mud Enthusiast -Embarambamba Now a Content Creator,1st Video Out Featuring MC Corporal Otumbato


Mud Enthusiast,Embarambamba is now a content creator.He has released his first video.The swahili version video features MC Corporal Otumbato.

He has been the talk of town.Many have aired out their hilarious comments on his dance moves.Especially when he is seen rolling in muddy water.The Kisii gospel musician,Chris Embarambamba has wowed many Kenyans.

Chris Embarambamba,has of late caught the attention of many.The latest being KFCB boss, Ezekiel Mutua.Where they had talks about his future plans.Embarambamba, also has had a chance for great interviews.His latest being at the Trend Show in NTV.

Now,he has become a content creator.On Youtube he has released his first video.The video is entitled,"Embarambamba amekataa kushuka juu ya mti."He is seen hanging on a tree.Where he urges Kenyans to watch,share and like his video.He also calls for governmental support towards his work.

Congratulations to our upcoming artist Embarambamba.Please check on YouTube his video.Subscribe to his channel at Chris Embarambamba.He announced this today on his Twitter account.

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