5 Insurance Claim Procedures you Have To Know


Insurance today plays a very big role in the society as it ensures continuity of the business, creates confident in investors, source of revenue to the government and compensation of the risks.But do you know some of the procedures of claiming incase you experience acertain risk?

Have a glance at this procedures.

1. When the risk occurs, you have to notify the insurer concerning what have happened

2. After you have notified, the Insurance Company issues you a claim form in which you have to fill the gaps about the cause of the risk and how it happened3.After you have given out the claim form, what follows now is the insurer to send expertise to come and investigate the risk occurred in which they try to know the cause of risk and also if the cause of the risk are in hand with the policy

4.After investigation,the insurance company prepares assessment to make a report by using the professionals called assessors whom they discuss the matter and even calculates amount of compensation to be paid to the insured5.Provided that the risk complies with the policy,the Insurer now compensates the Insured

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