Nigerian Navy : See the impressive pictures of NNS LANA, an offshore survey vessel from France


The Nigerian Navy has reportedly taken delivery of its first ever built offshore survey vessel known as NNS LANA.

NNS LANA was acquired by the Navy and expected to arrive on May 2021 after proper requirements have been made for the ship to leave the Saint-Nazaire in France.

Nigeria has been battling with sea pirates which have obstructed water activities in the region and within Nigeria.

NNS LANA was will help the Nigerian Navy to have a good knowledge of its maritime territory and its Economic Zone in the region.

Below are the importance of the NNS LANA to Nigerian Navy and waterways —

1)It will also help in sea and coastal area surveillance of the region.

2)NNS LANA will also enhance fishing control in the environment

3)It will aid in coastal and sea research in the area.

4)NNS LANA will also be of assistance to other bigger and smaller vessels and ship at any required time.

“Pictures for illustrative purposes”

5) other operations like ship towing and helicopter winching operations can be carried out by the NNS LANA in the region.

What is your take on this development?

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