Meet Abena Cilla The Curvaceous Model Confusing Ghanaians With Her Huge Shapes

Ever since the internet and its accompanying social media sites gained much attention and popularity in our part of the world, there has been in fact a huge trend of events pointing to the fact that most users of the internet admire beauty in all shapes of form regardless of who it is.

Ghanaian-born Instagram model Abena Cilla is considered one of the most naturally endowed Instagram models the country has ever seen.

The 290 thousand-plus follower model and video vixen have gained much attention in recent times just as her fellow model and friend Hajia Bintu.

Most social media users are awed about the fact that a person could be that endowed in physical appearance.

Lately, in Ghana and just as it is in most parts of the world, beauty and embody shape really sells and those who possess these great shapes are not hesitant to show them to the world whenever they get the chance.