Uzalo Teasers: Thursday 20 January- Phillippe surprises Ndoni and Nkunzi

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The risk is hiding around nearer than Nkunzi expected. Nkunzi progressed forward his perilous course, pursuing Ndoni. He didn't take Gabisiles' admonition. Gabi misled Nkunzi concerning who was at the entryway. That is the reason Nkunzi doesn't stress over proceeding with his desire of being with Ndoni. Ndoni is likewise uninformed that Phillipe showed up, however she is dubious of his steady calls and inquiries regarding Nkunzi.

Nonka's visit to minister Gwala raises doubts, and he chooses to circle back to a second visit to get more data. The passing of Nomzamo is as yet a secret, and Nonka almost broke yesterday.

Sbonelo uncovered an unnerving side to Nonka, and he attempted to make up by purchasing blossoms for her, yet when he took them to her, he tracked down Pastor Gwala. That got him extremely unsettled.

Babekazi is currently at Mbatha, and Gabisile watches her memorial service on tape.

Phillipe shows up from the shadows and amazements Ndoni and Nkunzi. Nkunzi went to see Ndoni again even after they concluded it wasn't right to swindle Philippe. The two of them don't have the foggiest idea what the genuine circumstance is. That is the reason Nkunzi is found going around KwaMashu half-stripped. New data delivered on Uzalo online media pages shows Nkunzi sneaking around Ndoni's yard without pants.

Sibonelo fail to see the reason why Gabisile doesn't see how much risk she has put on Nkunzis' life. Gabisile herself doesn't know about how much difficulty she has begun. Babekazi is verging on executing her arrangement with Mbatha close by.

I think we are preparing for a climactic completion of this little undertaking. The inquiry is, who is the best man, Nkunzi or Phillipe?

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