OPINION | Coercion for a medical procedure is against the law

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South Africa is a heaven im telling you because you get paid for medical treatment. Oooh, the younger we are the more we will get I will patiently wait my turn to reach 50 and then not go, shame on you for bribing the people who needs money desperately. If you were vocal like this about jobs for the people, our country could be a well country. I really find it hard to comprehend you promoting incentives on vaccination, what about the South African economy and unemployment rate? Seriously, rather contribute these funds to doing something about the petrol price, than the government using tax payers money to coerce citizens, what a sad state of affairsThese vaccines are on trial stage yet they must be mandatory, why cant you deal with HIV and AIDS through vaccination programs, there is a lot of people dying after taking the jab due to complications we honestly can't have a president who is as confused as Cyril Ramaphosa, honestly whom says yes to everything and compromising us as citizens, there's a lot of people copying just fine without the vaccines, we been taking for a ride for too long now

Pushing people to get vaccinated, then one must be fully vaccinated otherwise they are under vaccinated if they are not fully vaccinated, then after they are fully vaccinated they are still under vaccinated, because they must take booster vaccines. It's a very strange vaccine programme, isn't! They seem so desperate It's like it's a scam or a tender they have constructed to generate billions of rands for themselves! Mind you this supposed virus, is given the status that it mutates readily and apparently natural immunity and herd immunity cannot stop its severity. Chances are they will claim that there must be a vaccine for each variant! It's a very lucrative vaccine scam. It's a similar scam the software guy did, to secretly create viruses for his software, then sell us anti-viruses publicly. Now a similar method is used on humans people are cruel, selfish and greedy out there I mean, they are billionaires already, but still want more It's a billionaires' game, surely they want to become trillionaires now truth is powerful than manipulations one day God will expose all the scammers


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