Don't spend much on bundles again. Check out these "MTN" free simple codes

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We are now in a world that has made its things on a technology base and is making people benefit a lot. Technology in simple terms is making things simple for use and at a faster rate. 

Most of the things in the world can now be accessible on the internet. Any new information that pops up daily is uploaded on the internet for people to be updated daily.

The internet can never be accessible without a data package. People need to buy themselves bundles before they can see things that are on the internet.

Most of the charges for bundles by the various telecommunications are high nowadays which makes people find it difficult to purchase data bundles.

Below are the steps to get an "MTN" data bundle at a very low price;

Follow the procedure well and do it

1. Dial *567# and select bundle for self

2. Select mashup ¢1

3. Select option 2

4. Enter 0.07 and buy it

5. Select option 4

To Check your mashup balance

Dial *567# then select option 6 straight or select option 99 and select option 6

 In order to accumulate more WhatsApp data, repeat the procedures (1-5).


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