Senator Styles 2020: Dress like a King

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If you love dressing in Senator styles, or you are a fashion designer, here are styles you can sew this 2020 and look unique. These styles are not just the dress styles alone, the hats have to be worn to make the style balanced.

1. Pink Senator with Blue Hat and pocket square and with dark glasses. The wristwatch also matches with hat and pocket square. Nice attire

2. Nice golden colour attire with black embroidery. A black hat and shoe would go.3. Nice White senator with black pocket square and shoes. Thumbs up4. Nice white Senator. His thick black Afro hair serving as a form of Black hat. Black shoe and watch would go.5. Casual but classy with great white and black combination.6. This guy is always looking cute: Very unique style 7. Dressing like Afrikan Princes with their ice Senator styles and hats to match

Look at the styles above and innovate yours to taste.

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