Duduzile Zuma caused a stir on social media, after it was alleged that Zizi Kodwa did this. See

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Duduzile Zuma is the daughter of the former president Jacob Zuma.

Duduzile Zuma caused a stir on social media, after she shared a post with allegations that Zizi Kodwa is allegedly drawn into the Phalaphala scandal. It is alleged that Zizi Kodwa knew about the incident at Phala Phala but decided to keep quiet.

Duduzile Zuma also shared her post, with allegations that a state helicopter transported a minister to the meeting that was held in 'No man's land'.

After the posts, Duduzile Zuma asked that could it be true.

Here is what she said.

Social media critics said that it's funny that the African National Congress members are now going after each other.

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