Ladies, Check Out These Beautiful Colour Combinations For Aso-Ebi, Traditional And White Wedding


Fashion is not all about getting a very nice and expensive material to give your tailor to sew for you.

While quality is important, every lady must also understand that the combination of colours on your Aso ebi is what gives an impression to people whether to you are a classy lady or not.

This article is meant to reveal to you some interesting colour combinations you can do on your Aso ebi so as to rock in the next wedding ceremony. Check them out below:

1. Peach and Blue

If as a bride-to-be you are thinking of peach and blue as part of your colour for the day, make sure your friends sew the pitch Aso ebi and either you or the groom have a touch of blue as seen in the picture below:

2. Silver and Teal

With the photo below you will bear me witness that silver and teal is a very beautiful colour combination you can rock.

3. White

Nigeria is often say that "to wear white, na to wear respect". See the beautiful combination that goes with.

4. Solid pink

5. Blue and White

You will agree with me that white is one of the most popular colours at weddings and interestingly it can match with almost every colour of material depending on your appetite however, blue colour blends perfectly with white as seen below.

6. Burgundy with Black

7. Orange and red

8. Black and Gold

9. Shades of blue

If you find this colour combinations interesting and beautiful why not share with another lady out there.