Diamond Platnumz finally reveals when he will be buying his private jet

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Wasafi media CEO Diamond Platnumz has finally revealed when he will be buying his new private jet.

The rich artist revealed this through a happy birthday message he was sending to one of his long time managers who was celebrating his birthday today, Sallam SK.

The Bongo sensational artist bragged about his new ride that he just acquired last year, 2021 Rolls Royce Black Bedge.

''We bought a 2021 Rolls Royce Black Bedge zero kilometres last year, and we buying private jet this year,'' he disclosed.

He also lauded his management, saying his success is areflection of how good his management is.

''That is the definition of having the best management,'' he added.

The singer is an entrepreneur who has a host of businesses from mainstream media to recording label.

He owns Wasafi Media that incorporates Wasafi TV and Wasafi Radio, Cheka Tu comedy show and finally he is the pioneer and owner of Wasafi Classic Baibe (WCB) music recording label.Hatimae! DIAMOND PLATNUMZ aonyesha PRIVATE JET yake kwa mara ya kwanza. -  YouTube

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