Top 10 world richest musicians in 2020

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Good day everyone, there is a popular saying that good music enriches the mind of the listener. In today's world of music, the music does not only enrich the mind of the listener but also the pocket of the artist. The music industry has moved through various stages of entertainment to what we have on ground today. We have seen so many talented individuals such as the popular Michael Jackson, dolly parton , Kenny rogers and Celin Dion etc all this artist had their own time in the industry and were great and remarkable talents.

In this article we will be listing out some notable artist, there net worth as well as there positions in our top 10 list for 2020.

The top ten richest musicians in the world in 2020 are:

10 Madonna

Net worth: $ 590 million Dollars

Her real name is Madonna Lious Ciccone. She was born in the month of August 16, 1958 in Michigan where she later moved to New York. She is an American singer, song writer, actress and business woman. She made it to number 10 in our list for 2020 with a net worth of $ 590 million Dollars. She was popular known as the "queen of pop" since the 1980's.

9 Rihanna:

Net worth: $ 660 million Dollars

Rihanna is ranked at number but she is now officially the richest female musician in the world topping the likes of Celin Dion, Madonna and even Beyonce in 2020. According to her record label ROC Nations, she sold more than 60 million albums and 215 million digital tracks making her the second best selling female digital artist of all time.

8 Bono

Net worth: $700 million Dollars

Paul David Hewson, with the stage name Bono, was born on the 10th may 1960. He is an Irish singer, song writer, venture capitalist, and a business man. Born was raised in Dublin and is best know for his lead vocalist.

7 Dr. Dre

Net worth : $ 800 million Dollars

Dr. Dre is an American rapper, singer, producer and also an entrepreneur. His real name is Andre Romelle Young. He is the C.E.O of Aftermath entertainment and Beatz Electronics. He is a winner of 6 Grammy's and a producer of the year award.

In July 2008, he released his first set of ear pieces called Beats by Dr. Dre.

6 Puff Daddy

Net worth: $ 825 million Dollars

He was born on November 4th 1969. His real name is Sean John Combs with stage name "p.diddy" or "puff daddy" or "diddy".

P.diddy worked as a talented director for uptown records before finding his own Bad Boy Entertainment record label in 1993. He is a winner of 3 Grammy awards.

5 Herb Alpert:

Net worth: $ 880 million Dollars.

He was born in march 31, 1935. Apart from being a musician, he is also an artist and a recording industry executive. The "A" of the A& R records. He is a 9 times Grammy award winner.

4 Jay Z

Net worth: $ 1 Billion Dollars

Jay Z was born in December 4 1969. He is an American based rapper, song writer and producer as well as an entrepreneur. He owns the RoC Nations record label and has feature artist like Rihanna, DJ Khalid etc. He is currently married to the all popular black beauty Beyonce.

3 Paul Mc Cartney

Net worth: $ 1.2 Billion Dollars

Paul McCatney was born on the 18th June 1942. He is an English song writer, singer , musical instrumentalist and composer. He gained his fame as a Bass Guitarist and singer for the rock band " the Beatles" in 1988 and 1989.

2 Andrew Loyld Webber:

Net worth:$ 1.22 Billion Dollars

He was born in march 1948. He is an English composer and impresario of the musical theatre having received several awards including a Knighthood in 1992 and a Grammy award.

1 Kanye West.

Net worth :$ 1.3 Billion Dollars

Kanye west made it to our number one on the list of richest musicians in 2020 after beating fellow rapper Jay z to the top spot in 2020.Kanye Became a billionaire in April topping fellow rapper Jay z and the all popular McCartney to the top spot. He is married to the beautiful Kim Kardashian.

He was estimated by Forbes to worth about 1.3 Billion Dollars which was a figure he claimed annoyed him stating he was worth more than that.

That's our current updated list for the richest musicians in the world In 2020. Hope you had fun reading this updated article.

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