She Needs To Be Charged Too. Ghanaians Reacts To A Photo Of A Slay Queen Kissing A Young Boy

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As we all know, Akuapem polio is currently facing a court case simply because he made a post of her and her kid in seductive manner. Thus case has really raised a lot of concern and bash from netizens as some think she deserves to be punished.

A new photo of an unknown slay queen posing same thing like Akuapem has surface on the internet and Ghanaians are calling on Damparevans his boys for immediate action as they did to Akuapem poloo. The slay queen was seen kissing the small boy passionately and also was in a seductive clothing.

It looks like this is gradually becoming a new trend for the so called slay queens and this act needs to be stopped as soon as possible to avoid any kind of effect on the future kids. We wish an action will be taken towards this.

Now let's checkout the photo;

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