"My Mentor Asked Me To Meet Up With Her Then I Met Him" -Lady


Love is one of the strongest feelings that brings people of different geographic dimensions, background, race and religion together, love is said to have no respect for the societal restrictions placed on it ,neither does it give importance to the thoughts and opinions of other people.Love has taken its control over this beautiful and exciting lovebirds , whom we are blessed to be apart of their story, I mean it is not everyday we get to witnessed such good news but we are grateful for it.

According to the story shared on #Bellanaijaweddings , this beautiful couple during an event in Abuja about two years back , this meeting actually came to life due to the bride's mentor insistence.

According to the bride , her mentor had asked her to meet up with her at an enterprise event , despite the fact that she didn't want to go , as fate could have it she made up her mind and went to the event , and today she is here with the love of her life due to that simple decision to go to the event.

Although, the relationship didn't kick off immediately as they seemed to have been busy trying to figure out themselves, which in turn led to them losing contact,but then love found a way to unite them.

And another exciting fact about this beautiful couple is their ethnic differences, the bride is from the northern part of the couple,Nasarawa to be specific,while the groom is from Bayelsa, what do we call this? Yes ! It's love.

Love is patient and it's wait for those it chooses to unite no matter how busy are.

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