Top Facts About Cape Town That You Didn't Know


Cape Town is one of the cities in South Africa and below are some of the facts about it;

1.Cape Town's nickname is "Mother city",its African name is ekapa.

2.The world's first successful heart transplant took place in Cape Town.The transplant took place in December 3rd 1967.

3.Cape Town was selected as one of the best place in the world to visit by the NewYork Times in 2014.

4.The Cape floral kingdom has nearly 7000 plants found nowhere else in the world.

5.Cape Town host the biggest pride in South Africa.

6.The indigenous people of the Cape, the khoikhoi , referred to Table mountain as Hoerikwaggo , which translates to Mountain of the sea.

7.Cape Town is home to the Africa's first downhill tobogganing track.

8. Cape Town has the most expensive homes in Africa.

9. Cape Town was called Hui Gaeb by Khoisan people who were the first settlers.


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