The 4 Unique Coincidences That Happened For The New 'Octomum' In The Guinness Book Of Records


The South African woman Gosiame Thamara Sithole is the new world record mum who yesterday happened to give birth to ten children at once.

Does it mean she had 10 umblical cords and 10 placentas developed in her womb responsible for feeding and sustainance of her respective 10 children?Now you need to know that the answer is yes if you didn't know.

However,having given birth successfully below are the coincidence that arose from the series of events that happened in relation to number 7.Whereby on her 7th year of age while in 30s she happened to give birth exactly after 7 months and 7 days to 7 boys.

With the remaining three children identified as girls.

Gosiame now is the lady who took the record from the previous woman by the name Halima Cisse ...who reportedly gave birth to nine nonuplets in Malia last month.

Moreover the father received the news while overwhelmed saying that he felt the children were God's chosen ones despite him being unemployed.