Parents Shares What No One Tells You About Having Kids

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"I stopped being able to think things through without being interrupted." That was extremely difficult for me. Because every idea seemed to be disrupted, I couldn't remember anything and couldn't make decisions. Sometimes I'd just sit in my car alone and think."

When they become teenagers, make sure your mental health is in good shape. After her first boyfriend cheated on her with her closest friend after a year of dating, I swear my youngest was going to drive me nuts with all the anxiety she put me through for her mental health."

Children nowadays are late leavers of households, and due to rising living costs, they are more likely to return to the nest after several attempts at independence. The phrase 'eighteen years to life' is appropriate.

There's a considerable probability they won't come out the way you expected."

"When you're raising children, it's easy to lose track of who you are. However, it is critical to set aside time for oneself in order to avoid this."

"You'll never be happier than your saddest child."

"Everything takes a lot longer than you anticipated. Leaving the house with a newborn or toddler takes at least an extra 10 minutes to ensure they haven't spit up, that you have a change of clothes, extra nappies, milk, food, toys, and other necessities." It's like battling with a stubborn, amazingly strong yet ultimately delicate octopus to get them into your car seat or stroller."

"You no longer have a private life when your children grow older. They're awake for longer than you are."

"It can be highly stressful and time demanding to parent them to become nice persons once they have beyond the toddler stage. They begin to ask inquiries and make their own conclusions."

"It's a fine line to walk between trying to get them to pay attention to vital things and encouraging them to become more self-reliant. It makes you feel like you're continuously screwing things up. Finding a balance can be difficult""

Everyone claims that they will not rely on television or frozen meals such as chicken nuggets. Yes, you will, in my experience."

"Because in order to protect your sanity, you can't keep your house clean, wear clean clothing, cook meals, go grocery shopping, or work without sacrificing a few things. There are only so many hours in a day, and you can only spread yourself so thinly across the remainder of your life.


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