Kumerica; The City Of Culture,Gold And Natural Beauty


Some people call it Oseikrom, the Garden City and recently kumerica.Kumasi is the capital city of the ever powerful Ashanti Kingdom. The city which was founded by Osei Tutu, the first , is said to have been named after the Kum tree Osei Tutu sat under while negotiating the terms of the land. The people of Kumasi are very industrious people who are mainly known for their ability to establish and sustain businesses. The Garden City is endowed with natural resources like gold, timber and large track of arable land.

The inhabitants of Kumasi speak Twi as their local dialect. As descendants of Yaw Ashantewaa, Kumericans are bold, confident and fearless. Their assertiveness is mostly mistaken for pride, as they are not shy to represent where they hail from.

Kumasi is a cosmopolitan city which plays host to several people who travel far and wide to seek greener pastures.

If you haven't been to Kumasi before, make it you destination your next holidays.

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