"I am About To Die," Last Words By a University Student Before She Met Her Death


A touching story from neighboring Uganda has blazed the internet after a conversation emerged of the late student predicting her demise.

According to a Ugandan news channel, a friend questioned her whereabouts she replied “am about to die “.

Anna Katushabe graduated recently with Arts in Social Sciences from Makerere University shortly after getting married.

She contracted Covid19 a few days ago and was admitted. A friend tried to reach her to find out why she was lost. She replied with a photo of her on oxygen with a caption that she was about to die.

A few hours ago, Anna Katushabe just lost the battle to Covid19, many across the internet have expressed their deepest condolences to the family after the shocking news.

Neighboring Uganda is currently under some strict measures for the next 42 days after the deadly virus wreaked havoc.

The number of cases announced per day has dramatically increased to a worrying trend.

This led to president Yoweri Museveni issuing some directives in a measure to curtail the virus infections.

Uganda like any other African country has been suffering from the virus as the coronavirus vaccine rollout continues worldwide.


@Faith... Death really has no mercy.... it doesn't recognize who is who when it comes it's got no reverse key... Rest in Peace beautiful 😭

@Matee... Death is peaceful only the transition is painful rest in power katushabe

@JN... RIP. I had this Covid-19 menace about two months ago. Wah! It's scary being not able to breathe. You become so weak hata kusimama au kutembea huezi. Kuongea shida. No taste, no sense of smell.

Severe chest pain, sweating, lack of appetite, joint and muscle pains, headache, and the list continues. Pneumonia nayo ndiyo hiyo. At one point my oxygen reading was 87%. Uzuri by the 14th day after testing positive I was completely healed.

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