In Pictures: List Of South African celebrities who have drastically lost weight

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In Pictures: List Of South African celebrities who have drastically lost weight

Motivation to lose weight is deeply personal, even for celebrities. Lots of big names have made transformations (big and small!) for various reasons over the years—from managing chronic conditions to feeling better mentally to simply being in the public eye all the time.

We've created a list of celebrities who have drastically lost weight:

1. Mampintsha and Babes Wodumo

First, it was Mampintsha’s mystery weight loss that sent shock waves across social media, and then Babes Wodumo’s massive weight loss drove Twitter into a complete frenzy after a picture of the singer surfaced of her looking slim in denim shorts.

When Mampintsha, shared a video of him dancing to a new track a while back on social media, tweeps were more concerned about his drastic weight loss than his music.

In 2019 pictures of the Qqom artist and producer, whose real name is Mandla Maphumulo, surfaced online and trended. He had drastically lost weight, and many speculated that the artist was sick. Mandla told the public that his health was okay but didn’t speak about when and how he started losing weight. His wife, Babes Wodumo, also lost weight around the same time as him.

2. Tumi Morake

The comedian and actress had an obese body, but in 2017, she started her weight-loss journey. She took it slow, trying different diets and lifestyle changes. At some point, she tried banting, a diet where a person eats vegetables and meat only. She fainted during the dieting program, and a doctor told her that the diet wasn’t suitable for her blood type. She later found a more appropriate diet and managed to keep the excess weight off.

The wife and mother of three also told the site that she's stopped having babies. "The reason people thought I was so incredibly obese is that they didn’t realise that over the past five years they’ve been seeing me pregnant or post-baby. My three children came back to back and that’s the biggest I’ve been in my life."

3. Minnie Dlamini

There's no doubt that what Minnie Dlamini-Jones touches turns to gold. This is probably why she has remained one of the country's darlings for an entire decade.

After the presenter got married, she rapidly gained weight, which fueled numerous pregnancy rumours and fat-shaming comments; it was so bad that she temporarily deleted her social media accounts. It was not the first time Minnie had to defend herself against false pregnancy claims. In November 2017, a Twitter user shared a picture of Minnie in a tight dress and proceeded to congratulate her on her pregnancy. “#MrsJones cute baby bump, she looks amazing.

In 2020 she started working out, and this year, she posted bikini snaps of herself and told fans that she got her body back.

4. Sophie Lichaba

Popular South African actress Sophie Lichaba has faced quite a number of challenges since opening up about her battle with diabetes, including losing out on business and blacking out while driving.

The star recently joined the cast of hit drama series Lockdown as Palesa, the head nurse at Kgotsong asylum, Times Live has established. During her interview with TshisaLIVE, Sophie explained that her personal challenges helped shape how she portrayed the character.

Former Generations star we all remember for her character Queen battled with depression for some time and said her drastic weight loss started there. She was later diagnosed with diabetes which meant she had to eat healthily, meaning she had to embrace her new body.

5. Busiswa

Artist, poet and dancer Busiswa broke into the music industry as a big girl; she loved and embraced her body. In May 2019, she became a model for an Arkermans lingerie range where she got fat-shamed a lot. The star decided to work on her body.

Busiswa shocked everyone when she showed up looking much leaner. She never made it known that she was on a journey to lose weight. She took to Instagram wishing the EFF a happy birthday but social media users instead noticed how many kilos she had shed.


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