Sophie Ndaba Has Really Sh0cked People This Time Around

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Sophie Ndaba is said to be seeing a Nigerian preacher after recently divorcing her third husband, Max Lichaba. She had only been with her third husband for three years. When she married Lichaba, he already had children from prior marriages, and she had children from previous marriages as well.

When they began dating, he was still dating the other woman. She was forced to leave to make space for Sophie, who later married the man. The other woman, on the other hand, was still reeling from her heartbreak.

Her recent ex husband has children with a variety of women, and she appeared to get along with all the children. Her recent husband is said to have been unfaithful and has been cheating on her with another lady. She was rumoured to have been fed up with the situation and finally left him. Their divorce is now said to be finalized. She appears to have moved on, and has since removed her ex husband's photos from her Instagram account.

She has also dropped the Lichaba surname and returned to the surname of her previous spouse. Sophie Ndaba is already well-known throughout the country, and some people never got used to the Lichaba surname. Even after she married and changed her surname, she was still referred to as Sophie Ndaba by many.

She is currently dating a Nigerian preacher, according to reports. Sophie hasn't given up on love, and she doesn't seem to care what other people think. May she be able to experience all of the joy she deserves.

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