Kuppet Secretary General Akello Misori Tears TSC Apart, Gives Teachers The Following Hopes


The war between Teachers unions and Teachers Service Commission has been a matter that has paralyzed most of the learning activities within the country. The teacher unions have been fighting for the employer to give them an additional basic allowances as compared to the last one. In an interview with KBC television today at 9:00 pm, Kuppet secretary general Akello Misory has shade light on the Collective Bagaining Agreement CBA.

Akello has said that TSC must be serious with the kind of offers they bring in the bargaining table. He reteriated that all they want is a benefit that is money focused than just mere talks. He promised teachers to be calm as they wait to meet the employer next week to stamp more on the agreement.

He also said that once their demands are not met, then parents must be ready to stay with their children since teachers will go on an industrial strike. Akello concluded by promising that at the end of the day, teachers will have all the reasons to smile after thoroughly engaging the employer.

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