Why Parents Should Be Educate Their Children on Better Use Of roads


We as parents we should be careful with our children when they go to school.

Parents sent children to school on there own without knowing what will happen to them,there after we blame some of the driver on the road.

We should teach our children on how to behave when going to school and back.

Children should taught on how to use the road carefully. U sing the road carelessly it leads to regrades.

Imagine children crossing road carelessly without following the rule look left,right and left again can cause accident which can be dangerous and we end up blaming the drivers

A child hanging on a moving truck or lory without knowing it is very dangerous. So we should teach our children us parents on how to use the road,let us be much concern with the life of our children.

That child hanging on this truck am sure the driver is not a where of what is happening behind the truck for sure it is dangerous.

Nangi kenya_public@operanewshub.com