Business Ideas That Can Make One Rich In Rural Areas


Starting capital is the most challange facing many people from starting business.

Here are business ideas that can successfully work in rural and urban starting capital needed but commitment is key.

The ideas include:

Making local bricks

The requirement can be easily acquired.I.e

Soil, water, sand(fetched from nearest river) and firewood.

A day atleast 200 bricks are produced,

A month atleast 6000,

One brick costs sh15,

Therefore one can make atleast sh 90, 000.

Selling firewood

Most rural hotels use firewood, I medium pack of firewood cost sh 100.

Making stone ballast

This requires one to collect stones from the rivers or farm, then place them near accessible roads and break them into ballast.

A day atleast 10 wheelbarrows of ballast are made.

A month atleat 30,

One wheelbarrow cost sh100

Therefore one is able to make sh 30, 000.

Selling farm feeds

The farmers can store maize stalks after maize harvest and also grasses and wait till other rainy season or dry season.then at that period sell them to the cattle farmers.

Mobile salon

Salonist can visit there clients at home and offered to them the services.This requires no capital to start.

Mobile milk selling

Farmer can deliver the milk door to door or sell it at nearest market.

One litre goes for sh 60, at end month the returns are worth.

Try any of this business ideas either in rural or urban areas, the returns are worth