"I Don't Believe In God, My Wife And Kids Will Never Attend Church" Famous Celebrity Artist Claims


A popular musician In an interview, stated that there is no God or Satan, and that he will never allow his children, wife, or himself to attend church. He asserted that God does not exist and that he is an atheist. If God didn't exist, he should put an end to the coronavirus right now.

Photo credit: Muranga newspaper

He stated that when he becomes ill, he does not pray, but rather goes to the hospital to be treated by medical doctors, and that if you believe in God, you should pray to him to end the Coronavirus. He claims that God and Satan do not exist, and that his family, his wife and children, can pray but that he will never allow them to attend church.

I'm not sure how to describe this man; he's a musician and a wealthy man who lives in and is from the United States. He uses God's gifts of wealth, knowledge, and talent to criticize God. How can he say that because he is rich, he has money, he's popular, he's making it in the music industry, he is successful? He believes he has become his god.

Kioi Junior, He is a Kenyan musician living in the United States who has committed numerous atrocities against God. I don't know what this gentleman is trying to imply, but he should respect himself. I totally believe in God. God exists; He created heaven and earth. This man attempted to use the Bible to persuade people that God does not exist; it is now up to you to decide for yourself.

If you believe in God and believe that God exists, and he has been good to you, please kindly say something good about God, something he has done for you. As for me, God gave me life and good health. I'm so appreciative of him. I am so indebted to him. 

Imagine this gentleman not knowing that good health is more important than wealth. If you have all the money in this world, and you don't have good health, you are a nobody. It is up to you to choose between heaven and hell fire. If you're a woman, will you marry your brother?

Source/ Photo credit: Muranga newspaper

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