Meet Shanita the Huge Backside Socialite causing massive uproar online


The rate of speed at which social media is going now if you are without enormous body endowment then you will definitely be left behind. A new model has caused an uproar on social media after dropping hot sassy photos showcasing her huge backsides.

Now as celebrities, super stars and other great personalities thrills their fans and followers everytime posting their extravagant lifestyles, the same way other socialites try as much as possible to keep up with trend. Now the most supreme trend going on with socialites today is body enhancements. Socialites nowadays go the extra mile to enhance vital parts of their bodies for reasons best known to them.

Whiles people are enhancing various parts of their bodies, there are other beautiful socialites who are blessed naturally with enormous bodies. One of such is Kirosey AyShanita going by the Instagram handle name; Delicate256. This young beautiful and curcy socialite is blessed naturally with humongous backside, breasts and hips.

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