June 12 Protest: Please take this advice for your safety


Saturday which is the 12th day of June 2021 is a day set aside to mark Nigeria's democracy day. This day is expected to be a calm day as the country celebrates its freedom from Military rule. 

On the contrary, some Activists in Nigeria who are not satisfied with the current administration are out with a plan to protest. 

There is something I want you to understand here; while the Government is doing everything to protect its regime, the Activists are here to ask them to leave office. You will agree with me that no government would take it likely with such individuals. 

No matter how the situation of the country seems, there must be those who are for the government and those who are against the government. Since those who are against the government don't mean well for them, it is obvious that the government might be pushed to do otherwise. 

During the #Endsars protest, we all knew how it went down. This one is different from that of #Endsars. We are not praying for anything to happen to anyone that day, but we all have to be careful. 

It is on this note I bring to you the following piece of advice for the sake of your safety. Before then, let me state this; If you wish to join them, it is entirely your decision. For those who don't want to join them, please take the following advice.

1. Remain indoor on June 12 especially those in the Federal Capital and other major cities where the protest is taking place. Since the protest is not in favour of the government, security operatives might be deployed to take control of the situation. I pray you don't become a victim of circumstance.

2. Caution your children against moving about on that day. If your child is insisting on joining them, do all you can to stop him/her for it is only those who are alive that would enjoy good governance. 

3. If your child is in school, you can advise him/her to come and spend the weekend with you. 

Schools like The Federal University, Oye, and others are advising their students to stay in their hostels on that say already. 

4. Pray for Nigeria against unforeseen occurrences that day. It is only God that can Calm the situation of that day. Your prayers are needed. For instance, the Yoruba Nation doesn't want anything to happen to their people on that day according to report.

Bottom line

Those Activists who are heading the protest might be protected in their ways. If you join them unprotected, you might become a casualty. Wisdom is profitable to direct. 

God bless and keep Nigeria. If I may ask, are you joining the protest?

Petertech feedback-newshub@operanewshub.com