Hassan Joho Leaves DP Ruto With Two Tough Choices Over His 2500 Acre Land in Taita Taveta

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Mombasa County Governor Ali Hassan Joho has now joined the debate surrounding the acquisition of 2500 acres piece of land by DP Ruto from the former Taita Taveta MP Basil Criticos.

While addressing the residents of Mombasa County just a day after DP Ruto stormed the region and cleared the air on the issue of Mata farm which is linked to him, the Mombasa County Governor has now thrown him some tough questions which has left the DP with two choices to make.

One is to give back the land to the people of Taita Taveta County if any case it is true he was awarded that piece of land as he claimed two days ago.

"Sasa wewe William Ruto umetangaza jana ulipewa zawadi na Basil Criticos, ekari 2500. Kama hujui sheria nakukumbusha, hiyo kwa sababu ni thamani kubwa, na umesema umepewa zawadi, inafaa iwee mali ya umma na urudishe kwa watu wa Taita Taveta haraka upesi"- Joho.

The second choice is to explain to the public where he money he used to acquire that huge piece of land came from and the channels followed to acquire that land from Basil Criticos if any case he bought the land and was not awarded.

Video link: https://twitter.com/HassanAliJoho/status/1529837539548352516?t=h7M9V6MptGky465XckDRgA&s=09

From the video which he has just shared online, he is heard telling the DP to come out clearly and explain how he bought the land since by then he was still serving as the Deputy President.

Joho has also gone ahead to accuse the DP for being part of the problems currently affecting the people of Coast Region over his stand on the issue of Mombasa Port which he allegedly supported its reallocation to Naivasha.

But currently, he is among the leaders who are telling the people of Mombasa that the port will be brought back to them if Kenya Kwanza forms the next government.

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