Ladies, Short Hair Styles You May Consider

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If you're no longer into some hairstyles due to some personal reasons or maybe age is catching up with you, then keeping your hair short is the way to go. All you need to do therefore is just to pick your preferred style for there are many short hairstyles, from pixie cuts and ultra-short crops to bold bobs and mini afro styles. Many prominent women in the world likes to keep their hair short, examples are Kenya's current first lady Margaret Kenyatta, Kenya's second lady, Rachel Ruto and many more.

Photo: Kenya's first lady, Margaret Kenyatta.

Photo:Kenya's second lady, Rachel Ruto.

So today, we at opera news will like to share with you photos of short hairstyles that you can put on and make everyone around you to admire you. Go through them below and remember to leave a comment, like, hit the follow button and share with your friends to keep them updated.

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