When Will I Die, Asks 128 Year-Old Gogo Johanna Mazibuko As She Celebrates Birthday

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On Wednesday, one of South Africa's oldest people – Johanna Mazibuko, will be celebrating her 128th birthday. It is very rare that we find individuals in our Society leading to such advanced ages and it is something that should inspire a lot of people to perhaps change their way of living, and try to pursue methods that are gonna enable them to live longer lives.

Mazibuko lives in Jouberton in Klerksdorp, North West, and was born on a maize farm in the Ottosdal area. It is incredible how some of these individuals were born a long time ago in a situation where they can live for so long past hundred years of age, which is something that most people don't even see in their lifetime it becomes something that is very admirable.

She was the first of 12 children; only three are still alive.Though she managed to reach the advanced age of 128, Mazibuko and her siblings never learnt to read or write due to the fact that they were born on farms and never got an opportunity to get an education.

It is truly amazing that they even were feeding on locusts getting them from the farm and then cooking them is that even the answer to longevity, or perhaps she was on another diet which enabled her to leave for such a long time including working very hard because we know that farming can be demanding.

She was born on a farm and she said that she lived so well on the farms, and there were no problems. Due to her advanced age, she does not remember a lot of her childhood. What she remembers, is the time when there was an infestation of locusts on the farms.

It is clear that the people who often live for a very long time are often the ones who are very much active in our Society in terms of ensuring that they do the right things

She said that they catch and eat locusts and it was like they're eating meat, they would just fry them and eat them like that. Perhaps there's something that most citizens can learn about these individuals if they are in such a situation, because we should must take notes and take stock of the fact that the truly is something special with living in a farm.

Working physical Labour and not allowing yourself to be someone who simply abuses are the chemicals or substances in order to ensure that you live a long time, we have to even understand that perhaps even stresses one of the contributing factors to people simply losing their lives.

Because they are in a tough position and they constantly bored with worries and this is something that will definitely affect the person, she was married to an older man after his first wife died. The man had a horse carriage and cows, they would then milk the cows and make butter to sell. She reveals that the man treated her very well and made me forget about her life before him, and she had everything that she wanted.


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