Remember Radio Presenter Linda Nyangweso? Meet Handsome Husband and Cute Kid


Am sure most of us remembered Linda Nyangweso the beautiful lady who was blessed with beautiful voice that attract many to listen Kiss FM.She is a Celebrated radio presenter, Musician and a content creator here in Kenya.

She is also a gorgeous plus size lady who is married to a cute husband and together they have a cute baby girl.

Linda was lucky to live a broad even if she was born in Kenya, this is because her parents relocated to Canada when she was in Class Four.

This beautiful lady is married to Lance Osiro, and their wedding happened in June 26 2015 and they are still together and in love.

Of course marriage is sweet when you find a good husband and partner who showers you with joys and love everyday. And this is why we find many people getting married. But if you fall in a serial cheater and a bad person who hit you, you are in big problem.

Linda is blessed with a baby girl whom they named her Megan Osiro.

And down here is a their beautiful pictures