5 Ways to Know Your Type of Skin if You Don't


Most women in the 21st century are dealing with skin problems like acne, black spots, white heads etc. Research shows that they don't know their skin type and as a result, they use products which affect their skin in different ways. So today i want to help you ladies to know which category your skin falls in from the list below;

1.Dry skin

A dry skin feels tight in the morning, may have rough or flaky patches, may be itchy and its dull in appearance.

2. Sensitive skin

This skin type reacts negatively to many products, often breaking out or becoming very dry. It also may become red or hot when touched and its often itchy. If your skin falls in this category you have to be careful with the products you use and its good to seek the help of a dermatologist.

3. Oily skin

This skin has a shiny appearance and produces oil in the t- zone and the cheek area. Its pores are enlarged and its very prone to blackheads and acne. Most women with this type of skin are advised to use matte products.

4.Dehydrated skin

Often mistaken for oily skin due to production of excessive sebum, in turn making it worse by using drying products. If yours falls in this category then you should treat it as a dry skin and take lots of water.

5. Combination skin

It is usually dry on the cheeks but oily on the t- zone. It has enlarged pores especially on the nose.

If you are having severe skin problems, please see a dermatologist. Like, share, comment and follow for more skin care tips and ideas.

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