Fatima's recent transformation an indication that love indeed is what she needed? [Photos]


Fatima of TV3's date rush show has transformed into a very beautiful lady and it makes me wonder if indeed love is as sweet as people say it is. Fatima is one of the most loved if not the most loved female date rush participants and at a point in time on the show, it looked as though she was never going to get a date.

One major flaw of her was her way of dressing and her weird hairstyle as well. However, she never gave up on love and kept appearing on the show until she finally found a date. And since then, it's been a hell of a ride. Recent transformations of her shows it is love she needed all this while so she can bring out her best self.

Her handsome date or let's boyfriend now is doing a good job with her for all to see. Love indeed can transform lives of people from good to bad and vise versa and trust me it is safe to say Fatima has been transformed from bad to good.

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