A Healthy Way To Preserve Your Raw Beans

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Beans are among the legumes most people find easy to consume because of the several recipes that can be derived from them, as well as several other dishes that can be made with them. These foods are blessed with several nutrients. Most people know them to be sources of protein but they actually offer more than just that. Beans are also sources of fibre as sell as other minerals. The way we enjoy beans is the same way some other pests do enjoy it and for that reason we would often have them invade to tap the nutrients.

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Most individuals are used to a simple method of getting rid of these pests which involves application of strong insecticides. The result is usually awesome and quick on the food being preserved but on the long run, such foods would become toxic for human consumption.

This is because, the harsh chemicals do not completely leave the food and when we consume such foods, these chemicals come as nothing to us but toxins. Their presence in our body is the rise of free radicals that would accumulate to bring about oxidative stress if not gotten rid of. Degenerative diseases of several kinds like liver damages, cancer, kidney diseases, some heart diseases are all products of this oxidative stress.

Therefore, a healthy method of preserving these foods from pests while keeping them healthy and fit for consumption is by application of Cameroon peppers. Pour the beans in anything you'd love to keep it in, be it bag or bushels and pour reasonable quantities of this pepper inside of it. The peppery sensation would make the environment harsh for any of such things to survive. Make sure you go for original Cameroon pepper when adopting this approach and you will be glad you did. 

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