Sassa urges those who have made R350 grant appeal to be patient

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The South African Social Security Agency(SASSA) has now come out to to respond to those people who have been declined for the R350 social relief grants. Some of the people have already made appeals and sassa is now saying that they have responded to some of those peoe who appealed, however they did not respond to everyone who have lodged an appeal.

For those who have not got any response fro sassa, they should wait for the respond and be patient because the information goes for validation.

"SASSA requests applicants who have not yet received their appeal's feedback as these cases are sent to the banking sector for validation which may take time in some cases. The main purpose is to double check they do not receive an income because part of the covid19 srd criteria is that applicants should be unemployed and without any income"

According to sassa, they have now managed to reply to a two third of of the appeals that they have received.

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